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Words go here. [May. 7th, 2015|09:39 pm]
Justin J. Betts
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I check my friends feed here like once every three months.
I noticed the friends' feed doesn't go back very far. Back in my day, you could go back as far as you want. Am I doing something wrong? There wasn't any of that "Sorry, there are no available entries to display" nonsense. I could keep reading friends' entries from 10 years ago, if I wanted.

What's up with me?
-I live in Chicago now. Downtown. Love it.
-I am medical officer recruiter now. Not a twerp highschooler recruiter.
-Everything else is the same, really.
-Oh, I drink scotch now.

How are you? Anyone there?

[User Picture]From: secretshadowss
2016-07-24 03:11 pm (UTC)
Hey sorry... this reply is a year later! How is downtown chicago? seems pretty dangerous after dark

are you enjoying it? Yes can only go back two weeks or so on livejournal now, pants. Otherwise have to go onto everyone's journal individually and check in on them.

I'm good .. what part of cyberspace do you hang out in now instead?
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